After The Audit - How We Stand By Our Service



We can't guaranty you'll never be sued.  Anyone with a few hundred dollars can file a lawsuit. We guaranty our service, however, and get you other significant benefits for being a member of the club.  Here's how:

Insurance premiums

CM6 makes you a better risk for your insurance company. We work with your agent and carrier to seek premium reductions to cover some or all the costs of the audit over time.  

Reduced legal fees for life

By receiving a full CM6 Audit, you will earn the right to receive reduced legal fees for life on all legal matters from the Gertsburg Law Firm, a top-rated and award-winning full service business law firm with offices in Cleveland and Chagrin Falls, Ohio.  This benefit applies whether or not the legal matter at issue was within the scope of the audit you purchased. CM6 rates are our “friends and family” rates, and are at least 25% off standard fees.  

If, however, you are sued for any matter within the scope of the audit, and if you have implemented our recommendations, you will receive an 35% off all standard fees to defend any such cases. 

And if you have implemented our recommendations, we are so confident that we will prevail that we will reduce our fees by a total of 50% if we do not.