Frequently Asked Questions


How long does a typical CM6 audit take?

It takes as long as it takes.  We work within your needs and time limitations.  In the absence of more specific requirements, though, the full audit can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 4 months. The reason for the wide range is that some variables are unknown, including the speed with which our meetings are scheduled and documents produced, the volume of documents produced, your existing filing and organizational system, and the particular issues we uncover.

Where does the audit take place?

We try to minimize our presence at your offices and any unnecessary disruption to your business. Much of the process involves phone interviews, document review and drafting, research and analysis, and largely takes place remotely or at our offices. Meetings with your designated key managers, spot-checking and final presentations are pre-scheduled with you and your team. We also make the Gertsburg Law Firm's multiple offices and conference rooms available for in-person meetings according to your preferences.

Isn't this why I buy insurance?

No.  Insurance is reactive, not proactive.  It doesn't help you avoid the courtroom, it only steps in after you've already been sued, and then only in the limited circumstances for which you have purchased it.  Most insurance policies have numerous exclusions (for example, most breach of contract claims are not covered).  And many times a business hasn't even reviewed its policies to know whether the coverage in them is appropriate.  CM6 advises the business on policy coverage, negotiates with carriers concerning policy language, and helps clients avoid the pain and distraction and expense of lawsuits in a way that insurance ignores.

I know I need the full audit but how can I afford it?

The better question is how can you afford not to get it?  If you're like most businesses without in-house counsel, you're just waiting to get sued by an employee or a customer or another party.  When that happens, your attorneys' fees, your damages exposure, the distraction and reputational damage, and the value of your lost time and that of your employees, will far exceed the investment in CoverMySix.

If you are still cash-strapped, though, you can select components of CM6 rather than getting the full version.


What do I get for my fee?

Peace of mind.  A good night's sleep.  The knowledge that you're not breaking the law.  Relief from the sunken actual costs and opportunity costs of a lawsuit or a government investigation. 

At the completion of the audit, you get a report card that tells you where you are compliant and non-compliant with key laws affecting your business, and practical steps to cure your violations.

Then, once you become a CM6 client, you also get the CM6 rate from the award-winning Gertsburg Law Firm for all legal services.  

Added benefits

Do you guaranty I won’t get sued in the future?

No. That would be impossible (and almost certainly unethical). Anyone with $250 can file a lawsuit, and the layers of laws and regulations in the United States are too numerous to guaranty complete compliance with all of them.  We cover the majority of legal risks to which your company is most likely exposed.  What we guaranty is that if you implement our solution, your chance of getting sued will be greatly reduced, your monetary exposure will be greatly reduced, and your peace of mind will be greatly increased.