The Best Return On Investment Anywhere

An in-house attorney costs hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

A lawsuit can cost tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and damages - for just one legal issue.

The time and energy stolen by avoidable lawsuits and investigations is limitless.

CoverMySix is simpler, faster, and far more cost-effective at keeping you out of court, so you can keep your mind and your money on running and growing your business.

Plans start at $950

Our goal is to provide maximum flexibility to our clients .  All CoverMySix audits are therefore priced on a case-by-case basis, with individualized proposals customized to the size, complexity, budgets, needs and other dynamics of particular clients.

CoverMySix purchases may be made with or without monthly installments.    Individual modules may be purchased unbundled / a la carte or as a complete, bundled package that includes all six CM6 modules (best value).