"Defending a lawsuit is like getting into a cab in some foreign country with a driver who doesn't speak English.  It's taking him two hours to go two miles.  You have no idea whether he's going the fastest and cheapest way.  All you know is you can't get out and you're paying him whatever he wants."

Telecom Client

What Is CoverMySix?

CM6 is a unique, confidential, attorney-led company legal audit that identifies and then addresses the six areas most likely to cause you legal exposure for damages, fines, and attorneys’ fees. Depending on your particular business, those areas are typically: 

1. Insurancewe review both company insurance policies and language within policies to confirm proper coverage of key risks 

2. Employment Practices – we validate and optimize processes and documentation for proper employee and independent contractor classifications, hiring and firing practices, and related employee documentation; review and update employee handbook; ensure compliance with labor and employment laws, including those relating to investigation and elimination of harassment and discrimination claims; and processes for compliance with FLSA, FMLA, and other state and federal employment regulations; employee safety  

3. Corporate - review and optimize entity structures, and shareholder and partnership documents and procedures, including agreements, minutes, state filings, etc.

4. Information Technology – we assess compliance with licensing requirements of software products; provide key security recommendations for avoiding hacking, malware, phishing, etc.; create a company-wide IT policy 

5. Customer Contracts, Relations and Marketing – we review all customer- and prospect-facing documents and advertisements; assess compliance with state and federal consumer laws and regulations 

6. Vendor Contracts – we create your company’s new purchasing policy; draft new standard terms and conditions concerning vendor representations and warranties; provide guidance for negotiating key contracts and provisions