Lawsuits and investigations are excruciating.  Don't get sued.  Cover Your Six.

Are you exposed?

the realities of litigation

All lawsuits and government investigations are painful.


Whether you're the plaintiff or the defendant:

They're expensive.  

They're embarassing.

They're stressful.

They're a giant, 

distracting time-sucking headache.

Almost all business lawsuits and investigations are totally preventable...if you're proactive.


Businesses that wait to get sued to audit themselves are reactive.  They fix their problems after a plaintiff's lawyer runs them through the ringer, and then only the problems for which they were sued.  And when they try to be proactive, most businesses band-aid their problems with cheap one-size-fits-all templates.  Sound familiar?

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You don't need an in-house counsel or your high-billing outside counsel to keep you out of court.


You need CoverMySix, a six-pronged legal audit where seasoned litigators, in-house counsel, and skilled corporate attorneys identify, eliminate and minimize your exposure to lawsuits, investigations, disgruntled employees and customers, and all the reputational and financial damage and attorneys fees that come with them.


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