You guys really know your stuff. Really plugged a lot of leaks in four of my companies.

G.G. – Investor and entrepreneur

The CM6 audit was a game-changer for my company. Saved us a ton of headaches, a ton of time, a ton of energy and a ton of money. Great work, guys! 

O.K. - Owner of finance company in Miami, FL  

The CoverMySix team came in and swept through my companies with a fine-toothed comb. They unearthed some serious problems I was having, especially with employees. I have over a hundred employees in multiple states and was definitely not doing things right. CM6 saved me years of revenue that was being eaten up by complaints and lawsuits. Later, in a random audit of one of my companies, the attorney general’s office complimented us on how clean our operations were. Job well done. 

M.K. – Real estate and finance entrepreneur  

Sleeping much better at night. Thanks guys! 

V.G. – Vice President of multi-store auto dealership in two states

You guys are taking lots of business away from trial lawyers. Can’t recommend you highly enough to all my clients.  

L.J.M. – Compliance consultant to numerous mid-western companies