What We Do In A CoverMySix Audit


Step 1 - Explore

Meet with clients for project scoping and to perfect our understanding of operations and nuances in client’s particular business 

Step 2 - Audit

Instead of waiting for our clients to get sued or investigated by an attorney or a government regulatory body, we proactively serve document requests (instead of subpoenas), interview managers (instead of deposing them), and then perform spot-checks to ensure compliance. 

Step 3 - Report

We then assess your risks and report our findings in our proprietary CM6 Report Cards, which contain letter grades for each risk (Grades A through F), prioritized by severity level (high-, medium- and low-risk).

Step 4 - Guide

We then issue a detailed guidance letter with specific recommendations intended to turn all grades into A’s, starting with the high-risk items. 

Step 5 - Fix

Using our guidance letter, clients can either implement our recommendations themselves or request CM6 to do so.

Step 6 - Maintain

With a maintenance plan, we return to the audit in intervals of 2, 4 or 6 months to ensure ongoing compliance and to update the audit based on evolving client operations.