Who WE are

CoverMySix is a group of six business law experts from the Gertsburg Law Firm who figured out that the biggest value that lawyers can give to clients is helping them avoid emergencies.  Each attorney on the team has served as in-house counsel or owned his or her own business.  We know first-hand that lawsuits cost businesses and their owners far more than money, and we know that most of them are entirely preventable.  Above all, we know how to stop most of them before they start, and minimize the damage from the rest.  

The Dream Team

Alex Gertsburg, Esq.


CEO of CoverMySix and the Gertsburg Law Firm.  In-house general counsel and outside corporate and litigation counsel to companies of all sizes.  Covers corporate, commercial and litigation.


Nate Haskell, Esq.


Expert in transactional matters, including M&A, securities and contracts.  In-house and outside counsel to public and private companies.  


Mark Turner, Esq.


Litigation and dispute resolution counsel to both for-profit and non-profit companies.  M.B.A.  Expert in consumer actions and insurance coverage and defense.


Chris Zirke, Esq.


Seasoned legal advisor focusing on business transactions and franchise law.  Business and franchise owner, in-house general counsel and contract negotiator.


Eugene Friedman, Esq.

Eugene Freidman

Commercial, corporate and litigation counsel to hundreds of businesses and business owners.  Particular expertise with auto dealerships and consumer sales.


Max Julian, Esq.


Litigation and transactional investigations; M&A due diligence; employment law; deep research and analysis